What was the impetus behind Silver Recruitment?

The company was created for a number of reasons, but first and foremost to raise the bar in terms of service delivery. Disappointed by the lack of responsiveness by recruiters we retained over the years, we wanted to provide a service where the idea of being responsive, upfront, honest and always accessible was not the exception, but rather the rule. Today, we strive to provide service that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations.

We also wanted to provide clients with a CHOICE in the way a search is conducted. With our service offering, clients can choose between paying a standard yet highly competitive percentage of a candidate’s first year earnings; or an hourly fee for services provided. This choice also extends to the full range of services that we offer beyond basic recruitment.

What services are offered by Silver Recruitment?

 We operate as an extension of a company’s HR department. On the staffing front, we stategize, recruit, manage background checks, conduct reference checks, implement successful intern programs, and simplify immigration needs.

When it comes to HR, we can seamlessly manage the following HR services: Client payroll administration, tracking and processing of paid time off (PTO); New Hire Orientation; Benefits guidance, employee relations consulting, employee handbook, policies and processes, termination guidance and assistance, administration & guidance with Benefit Plans.

Silver Recruitment also specializes in setting up offices for companies wishing to relocate to Canada or expand their existing Canadian operations. Over the years, we have built solid working relationships with a trusted network of Accountants, Lawyers, Commercial Real Estate Agents, Facilities Service Providers, PR professionals, and IT Administrators. Through our own services and those provided through this network, we are a one-stop resource for companies looking to expand their reach in Ontario.


Why do companies choose Silver Recruitment?

There are a number of reasons why clients turn to us. We:

  • Are a trusted partner that delivers the right candidate for each job;
  • Are dedicated to delivering results at very reasonable rates;
  • Provide an honest, professional and cost-effective solution;
  • Enable our clients to focus on their core service offering;
  • Deliver value for our clients’ money;
  • Provide a seamless, one stop solution that minimizes the need for clients to work with multiple service providers;
  • Believe in 100% transparency and full disclosure on every issue.

How do you help businesses expand into Canada?

For businesses that are looking to open up offices in Canada due to expansion or relocation, we tap into our network of affiliates to provide a full range of services, We work for you in presenting office location options and then with the office set up. We can help you with meeting professionals in accountancy and law. We can suggest the best PR options and IT service providers. We help you with all your HR needs including assistance with establishing a suitable benefits program in Canada.

Our affiliates include:
Accountants, Lawyers (Corporate and Immigration), Commercial Real Estate companies,PR professionals, Interior Designers, General Contractors, Furniture Suppliers, IT Administrators, Maintenance companies, and more. Through our extensive network, we can assist companies with their every need.

What type of Companies do you work with?
We mainly work with technology, telecommunications and social networking companies.

How does your intern program help students and companies?
The intern program is successful because it provides our clients with very enthusiastic and smart graduates who really want to prove themselves. At the same time, it provides interns with an opportunity to learn and gain great experience on the job. Having solid working experience, interns find it easier to source and be considered for permanent positions, when they are able to demonstrate related experience that came with training and in most cases, good references.

It is important to note that interns need supervision. Most have limited work experience, so we encourage our clients to mentor their interns and guide them in the right direction. Interns are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and are often utilized for research, marketing, customer acquisition, testing etc.

We endeavor to put forward the best candidates for our clients’ intern programs, and help our clients to manage their intern program. This approach has proven to be extremely successful.

What type of pricing structure do you have?
While our service delivery is unparalleled in the industry, we also offer one of the most cost-efficient approaches to technical recruitment. Our clients have the choice of being contractually billed either on an hourly basis plus agreed-to success fee or at a low percentage of base annual salary for each recruit. This dramatically lowers the overhead costs of employing an in-house recruiter, and eliminates the steep premiums charged by traditional headhunters and agencies.

Regardless of which approach our clients take advantage of, our fees are based on working closely with our clients and building long term relationships with them.

More details are available on our fee structure.