Intern Programs

We create and establish your company’s rotational internship program and deliver the best in new grads and students

Intern Programs

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An internship is a position at a company, usually held by a college or graduate student. It is usually for a set duration of time (for example 3 or 6 months) and is relevant to the profession the student hopes to join after finishing school. Our clients choose from the best and the brightest grads available and get to work with them at very cost-effective intern rates.

The intern program has become successful because it provides a win-win situation. Our clients win because they get very enthusiastic and smart graduates who really want to prove themselves. Interns win because they learn and get great experience. They usually get a job soon after leaving one of our clients because they receive good training and good references.

Interns provide great value to organizations, and as a result, many of our clients are pursuing this as an avenue for cost-effectively addressing some short term needs.

The interns we hire throw themselves into their roles by putting theory into practice, with the hope of gaining real world experience which could ultimately help them land an ideal full time position that requires work experience.

Recruiting has changed, and the top talent today starts out in the top internship programs. Today’s interns are members of the ‘Net generation and know more than most when it comes to social media, blogging, podcasting and much more. These interns comprise the workforce of tomorrow and by offering them opportunities to gain experience, organizations improve their odds of hiring dynamic, competent, knowledgeable, and experienced people who are ready to take on the job immediately.

We create and establish your company’s rotational internship program and deliver the best in new grads and studentsWith the majority of Baby boomers ready to slow down or retire from the workforce, there is and will continue to be a need for young, smart people to enter the workforce with some experience in their chosen field. Employers need to be cognizant of this and start early on looking for the brightest and best intern candidates available. The market for top talent interns is very competitive, however, we at Silver Recruitment know how to find the right candidates and have years of experience hiring the right interns for our clients.

Companies will sometimes use their internship program to see if there is a need for the position to become a permanent one and will also use the intern program as their recruiting program for entry level positions to see if their intern can excel at the position and whether or not they should be hired full time.

The major benefit of an internship for the candidate is to gain experience in the field they are planning to join as a career. It can be very difficult to obtain that first job when an intern has finished their degree(s), and being able to show practical work experience makes them much more marketable to an employer. The contacts interns make during an internship will also be important and probably the start and basis for networking throughout their career. We can provide examples of companies hiring their interns on a permanent basis, on request.

There are many details a company needs to know and do to ensure a smooth running, successful intern program. One of the most important elements to running a successful intern program is making sure the intern has a proper supervisor/mentor to work with. Without this component the program will not succeed the way it is meant to. The entire organization needs to be fully supportive of the intern program and make it a win-win program for the company and the intern. Silver Recruitment can provide the necessary support to set up and structure an intern program for long-term success. There are also tax benefits to hiring Interns for your business. Contact us to find out all the benefits to hiring the right interns for your specific needs.

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To email or speak to us please go to the contact page