A dedicated team with proven success in sourcing the best talent to meet your hiring needs

A dedicated team with proven success in sourcing the best talent to meet your hiring needsSilver Recruitment is well known for its proven success within the technology industry and telecommunications sector, including companies focused on mobile and wireless, semi-conductor, video/display image processors, Web development, social networking, global new media, security and data-warehousing to name a few.

The services we provide are not limited to these markets as we frequently take on projects within other industry sectors.

While our service delivery is unparalleled in the industry, we also offer one of the most cost-efficient approaches to recruitment and outsourced HR Services. Plus, our strategic partnering approach is a powerful model that contributes to successful project outcomes for our clients.

Most recruiters focus initially on themselves, and then on the client. Our philosophy hinges on placing our clients first and above all else. As a result, we have an extremely loyal and content client base that refers new business to us, thereby supporting and encouraging our continued growth.

While we mainly conduct searches for candidates with engineering, software, hardware, social networking, development and telecommunications backgrounds, we also hire a wide range of other positions such as office managers, project managers, product marketing personnel, sales executives, bookkeepers, CFOs and more.

Whatever the hiring needs of our clients, we provide the expertise they require.


  • We typically operate as an extension of our clients business. Businesses demand loyal and structured relationships to maximize success.
  • We work collaboratively with senior management to formulate and execute a highly customized recruitment strategy
  • We post specifications on appropriate targeted boards
  • We source, pre-screen and interview candidates who meet outlined criteria
  • We schedule interviews and facilitate follow through feedback with clients and candidates
  • We conduct reference and background checks
  • We negotiate job contracts
  • We liaise between immigration lawyers, job candidates and clients as required for employee relocation

Unparalleled Service and Cost Efficiency
Our network of consultants have extensive experience within the technology sector, and are passionate about the work they do in supporting the individual needs of every client. At Silver Recruitment & HR Services, we take pride in delivering results and ensuring our clients’ success.

We offer a choice of contract alternatives that dramatically lowers the overhead costs of employing an in-house recruiter, and eliminates the steep premiums charged by traditional agencies. Contact us for details on how best to take advantage of the options we offer.

At Silver Recruitment, we tap into an extensive base of job seekers, and work tirelessly to help employers source qualified professionals quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, according to culture, needs and specification.


How We Deliver:

Pairing the right candidates with the right employer takes more than just a quick comparison between skills highlighted on a résumé and job specifications provided. It requires the ability to effectively evaluate the personalities at both of ends of the spectrum, and ensure the fit goes beyond a particular skill set.

Most of our clients engage us for multiple recruiting projects or on an ongoing basis. This is because of the service we provide and because they know that we care about the work we do in helping them find the best person for the position.

We provide our clients with real service, not just lip service.
Providing real service to clients is one of the main reasons this company was founded.


 Our clients know that we always have their business and best interests in mind. We value our close relationships with our clients as they are our biggest advocates, supporters and provide us with many referrals.

We are always upfront and honest with our clients. At the start of each client relationship, we outline the costs and many benefits of working with Silver Recruitment. The model we incorporate encourages mutual trust and sharing of information between our clients and Silver Recruitment.

 We also treat our candidates with respect. We get back to them when we say we will. Our candidates also appreciate all that we do for them without treating them like one of the masses. We know that every candidate has something special to offer and we treat everyone as an individual.

Our founder, Jennifer Silver, is one of the most competent and likeable people in the industry. Ask anyone who has had the privilege of working with her and they will tell you that you cannot find a more honest and qualified person to be associated with. Jen has made sure that the company operates with the same integrity and genuine care that epitomizes who she is. We really do care about our clients and our candidates, and building long term relationships is a vital part of who we are.

By delivering the highest levels of service possible, the relationships we have built over the last seven years continue to grow stronger, even as we expand our business.


Silver Recruitment Approach

Silver Recruitment ApproachWe meet with our clients and individual hiring managers. We talk about their overall objectives for each role. We begin the task by knowing which experiences and qualifications are most important for each candidate. We also get to know the office and culture of the company

to make sure that we find the right mix of skills and personality. We then discuss recruiting strategies and customize the search. We know that different projects will require different structures and expertise, and build in this knowledge to every candidate search we conduct.

We understand our Client’s needs and Dynamics and work with the client in building the best possible team.